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We are the Manufacturer of German Hanger Tent in India, offer at Minimum Cost

G.S. OBEROI STRUCTURES offers a German Hanger tent one of the most popular models in the German Hanger tent range, have a durable and sturdy design that is perfect for events, exhibitions, and other so many works. and we are a wide range of Product Manufacturers, which include the best German Hanger tent structures, Hut Shape Aluminum Structures, Prefabricated Warehouse, Best Aluminium German Hanger Tent, and Industrial & Warehouses Structure. German hanger is based on Aluminum Structures used to build tents for events, exhibitions, Product Launches shows, and weddings. Programs, short-time marketing places, The density of the aluminum alloy is one-third of the weight of steel, we are also engaged in providing an optimum quality MS Hanger tent in Delhi

What is German Hanger Tent?

A German Hanger Tent is a type of large military tent used by the German army during World War II. It is also known as the "Luftwaffe Zeltbahn" or "Zeltbahn 31", and have used as a shelter for troops, vehicles, and equipment. German Hanger Structure is made of heavy-duty canvas and has a distinctive design that allows it to be set up in a number of different configurations depending on the needs of the soldiers using it. It has a peaked roof and two end walls that can be opened or closed, providing protection from the elements and a secure space for storage and rest.

Today, the German Hanger Tent is still used by some military organizations and has increased its demands in outdoor Exhibitions and mega-events. like that, in family gatherings, political parties, a religious fairs and so many uses.

Product Details

Span : 10-60m

Material : Aluminum extrusion tubes

Finish : Anodized

Covering : PVC Fabric, FR, Opaque and Transparent


Rapid errection and dismating

Easy on transportation and mobality

High level of flexibility in length and width

Energy conserving

Details of German Hanger Structures

Please Select Your Preferred Size Below To View the Full German Hanger Structure Details'

Span width: 15 M

Span width: 25 M

Span width: 40 M

Span width: 60 M

Which places are used outdoor german hanger tent?

German hanger is a building structure that is used to build tents for exhibitions, product launches, events, weddings, and shows. If you are planning a camping trip and looking for the perfect tent to accommodate your needs, a german hanger tent is a good choice for that trip and offers durability and comfort. It is a suspended tent that provides a unique camping experience and offers excellent protection against weather elements such as rain, wind, and snow. The tent's cloths are made by fabric, plastic waterproof and resistant to UV rays, ensuring that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It comes with a carry bag, and the tent's compact size makes it easy to store and transport. It also keeps the camper away from crawling insects, small animals, and damp ground, providing a safe and comfortable camping experience. The tent's waterproof fabric ensures that the camper stays dry even during heavy rainfall, while the suspension system. This outdoor German hanger tent is versatile and can be set up in different terrains such as forests, mountains, and deserts. German hanger is made from aluminum alloy metal. Aluminium is generally consumed for a longer lifespan.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is a German Hanger tent best for Industries?

German tents are a Good choice for outdoor events and Exhibitions, uses to company advertising, and brand promotion providing a versatile and stylish structure.

Does the German Hanger tent easy to assemble & disassemble?

Yes, German tents are designed that can be easy to assemble and disassemble. this is the perfect choice for an outdoor exhibition & events.

Why german hanger tent used?

German tents are a perfect choice for outdoor events and gatherings, uses in company advertising, and branding, where a temporary structure is needed. working as Stability and durability with a multi-sided roof.

Which materials are used to make German Hanger Structures?

German tent structures do ready with high-quality aluminum, materials, and steel Frame, for structure covering are used PVC, Fabric, cloths, which make it stable, strong safety, and longevity.

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